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About The Chiropractic Place of Oswego

A Mission for Optimal Health

Our mission at The Chiropractic Place of Oswego is to lead and educate families to achieve their greatest health potential.

Achieving optimal spinal alignment is the first step to a healthy body. In addition, we offer help with nutrition, exercise, stress management and detoxification. Each of these areas assists you in reaching your body’s full potential.

Oswego Chiropractor helping families.

We want to help your entire family!

A Family Practice

Our goal is to help entire families from parents to children. Our team is here to address your concerns and get you the results you want. All ages are welcome to experience natural chiropractic care at The Chiropractic Place of Oswego. We’ll make sure your spine is in alignment and your nervous system is working at 100%. We want you to feel your best and live your greatest life.

Corrective and Wellness Care

Our whole body approach to healthcare is what sets us apart from area chiropractors. This means that the structure of your body will be examined and worked on to allow for full function. We start with corrective care and then educate you on a life of wellness. Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • Determine the root cause of your health concern
  • Recommend a care plan to help get you quick results
  • Discuss your lifestyle and offer ways you can help yourself recover quicker
  • Explain the importance of wellness care

Take Control of Your Health

At The Chiropractic Place of Oswego we offer educational opportunities such as workshops and recipes nights to support you in maintaining your health. Our goal is to see our patients take control of their health to prevent sickness and live a life of wellness.

Regardless of your health goals, we’re here to provide you with the best chiropractic care possible. It’s your choice to decide how much care you want.

Are you wondering if chiropractic care could work for you? Call us to schedule a consultation and we can help you decide. (630) 551-4900